Peter and the Starcatcher - December 08 - December 10, 2023

Cape Hatteras Secondary School


We are so thrilled to have you join us for the Cape Hatteras Secondary School drama club 2023-2024 Season of Magic and Transformation! Time after time, the island has surrounded us with support that makes theater arts a reality for our community. As we are exploring magic and transformation through our productions this season, we need to acknowledge the magic that you help us create within our island community. The amount of support, love, and encouragement that kept us going and allowed theater to come to life is, without a doubt, unmatched to any other community. 


This production could not have been possible without the help of so many.


We would like to first thank our Administration (specifically Ms. Beth Rooks and Ms. Sherry Couch) for always supporting us and allowing us to make all kinds of messes in the auditorium without any questions.


We also have to thank our custodian staff for helping us make the auditorium sparkle for each and every performance, and putting up with our whirlwind of a rehearsal process. 


Of course, we couldn't have done this without the support from the parents, from driving their students to and from every rehearsal, to regularly feeding us, and helping us build our beautiful set. 


Thank you to Hatteras Island Hotline for continuing to donate clothing for our costumes. 


Thank you to Keith Durham for being so willing to go with our set ideas, and for building us an actual pirate ship on our stage. 


Thank you to Jeremiah Craft and Pete O'Brien for helping us create so many props and costume pieces. 


Thank you to Dakota (Koda) Willis for all of your help creating costumes, props and everything in between. 


Thank you to Julia Taft and Subway for donating meals throughout our rehearsal process. 


Thank you to Diane Horan for coming in and making our dressing rooms (and costume storage) sparkle, and being Ms. Michelle's right hand woman! 


Thank you to Wendy Erholm for donating nearly 3000 costume pieces, plus enough fabric to rival a JoAnn Fabrics! 


Thank you to Mandy Fuller for helping us organize our concession stand, and student volunteers. 


And lastly, thank YOU for continuing to support our students and this amazing program.




With Love and Gratitude,




-Blake, Michelle, and Jordan

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