Pizza and Whine - June 01 - June 23, 2018

Cappricielli Productions


Crew Members  
Maria Capp  
Raffaela Capp  
Veronica Kelly  
Scenic Design and Props  
DC Productions  
Costume Design  
Mel Newman  
Advertising Sales  
JoAnna Kelly  
Stage Manager  
Steven Pope  
Lighting and Sound Tech  
Fritz Davis  
Sound Design and Music  
Jennifer Aurèlia  
LA Publicity  
David Roberson  
NY Publicity  
Roger Gonzalez and Suzanna Bowling  
Production Coordinator  
Marisol Diaz  
Graphic Artists  
Amy London and Chris Kenyon  
Cappricielli Productions  
Thomas J. D'Agostino  
Social Media Coordinator  
Bella Ferraro  
Fringe Coordinator  
Carol Sneed  
Production Interns  
Brynn Tiano, Seeret Singh, Ana Isabel Octavio and Gabriella Archbold  


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