Roald Dahl's Matilda the Musical - May 22 - May 25, 2019

Captain Nichola Goddard School

 Message from the School 

We are very pleased to be presenting the theatrical production of Matilda: A story about a little girl with the gift of telekinesis, who loves reading and overcoming obstacles.

There is something to be said in the fact that the seventh presentation of our school’s musical has been directed by Mr. Steve Martin. Mr. Martin has invested many hours working with staff and students to create an amazing musical program at Captain Nichola Goddard. Every year the school musical is open to all students who are interested in participating whether in front of an audience or backstage. Mr. Martin’s professionalism and energy helps give our students an opportunity to experience the world of real theatre. The students have worked hard and are deserving of every accolade.

Matilda is about standing up for what you know is right, helping others and showing courage; characteristics all of us can appreciate particularly in light of the difficulties presented during adolescence. The important message shown in this story is to always use your imagination and mind to take a stand and change your own destiny. 

This production would not have been possible without the immense efforts of all of the performers, stage crew, staff and volunteers.  Once again, thank you to everyone involved in this truly exciting production.


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