Game of Tiaras - November 15 - November 16, 2019

Carroll Jr-Sr High Sch


Cast Members  
Narrator 1  
Christian White  
Narrator 2  
Mady Hall  
Snow White/Other Princess 2  
Avery Armstrong  
Megan Dunning  
Cassidy Powell  
Ellie (Snow Queen)  
Hannah Adams  
Little Mermaid (a mermaid)  
Amya Ball  
Carter Stevenson  
Prince Charming  
Carson Rudd  
Smeagol/Dwarf 2  
Cory Smith  
Animated Snowman/Guard 2  
Cheyenne Collier  
Executioner, Herald  
Bryce Bowman  
Talking Candle Man/Guard 3  
Jaxson Breedlove  
Blood Packet Guy  
Raylee Barnard  
Dwarf 1/Peasant/Crowd member 2  
Aspen Calhoun  
Guard 1  
Keira Unger  
Soldier/French Soldier 1  
Daisy Powell  
Soldier/French Soldier 2  
Katelyn Ryan  
Tea Pot Lady/Soldier 3/Girl  
Seliah Friedline  
French Soldier 3/Other Princess 1  
Emma Lewis  
Other Princess 3  
Alivia Meador  
Peasant/Crowd member 1  
Taiden Pearson  

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