Almost, Maine - October 15

Carroll Senior High School Theatre Department


  • Prologue - Pete & Ginette

                   A couple explores the distance between them.


  • Her Heart - East & Glory

                  Glory finds herself in East’s yard as she waits for the Northern Lights.


  • Sad and Glad - Jimmy & Sandrine

                  Sandrine enters an awkward situation after running into an ex.


  • This Hurts - Steve & Marvalyn

                  An unlikely friendship begins with an incident in the laundry room.


  • Getting It Back - Lendall & Gayle

                 Gayle wants the love she gave Lendall back.


  • Interlogue - Pete

                 Pete missed an opportunity.


  • They Fell - Deena & Shelly

                 Feelings change in this friendship.


  • Where It Went - Phil & Marci

                 A married couple waits for the other shoe to drop.


  • Story of Hope - Daniel & Hope

                 Daniel lost hope.


  • Seeing the Thing - Dave & Rhonda

                 Dave helps Rhonda see the most important thing.


  • Epilogue - Pete & Ginette

                 Pete and Ginette can be close again.




Aside from a few references in dialogue to characters in

other scenes, our stories do not intertwine.

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