Anastasia the Musical - November 26 - December 05, 2021

Castle Performing Arts Center


Act One  
Prologue: Once Upon a December  
Dowager Empress, Anastasia
Last Dance of the Romanovs  
The Ensemble
A Rumor in St. Petersburg  
Dmitry, Vlad, Ensemble
In My Dreams  
The Rumors Never End  
Gleb, Ensemble
Learn to Do It  
Anya, Vlad, Dmitry
Learn to Do It (Reprise)  
The Neva Flows  
Gleb, Anya
The Neva Flows (Reprise)  
Male Ensemble
My Petersburg  
Dmitry Anya
Once Upon a December  
Anya, Ensemble
A Secret She Kept  
Stay, I Pray You  
Count Ipolitov, Anya, Dmitry
We'll Go From There  
Vlad, Anya, Dmitry, Ensemble
Traveling Sequence / Still  
Gleb, Gorlinsky, Anya, Dmitry, Vlad
Journey to the Past  
Act Two  
Paris Holds the Key  
Vlad, Dmitry, Anya, Ensemble
Paris Holds the Key (Reprise)  
Close the Door  
Dowager Empress
Land of Yesterday  
Lily, Ensemble
The Countess and the Common Man  
Vlad, Lily
Land of Yesterday (Reprise)  
A Nightmare  
Romanov Children, Tsar, Tsarina
Arriving at the Ballet / Meant to Be  
Quartet at the Ballet  
Anya, Dmitry
Everything to Win  
Once Upon a December (Reprise)  
Anya, Dowager Empress
The Press Conference  
Lily, Vlad, Ensemble
Everything to Win (Reprise)  
Anya, Gleb
Still / Neva Flows (Reprise)  
Gleb, Anya, Ensemble
Dowager Empress, Gleb, Ensemble

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