Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol - December 15 - December 17, 2023

Central Bucks High School West


The Harlequin Club would like to thank:


The Central Bucks School Board:

Karen Smith, Dr. Mariam Mahmud, Susan Gibson, Dana Foley, Heather Reynolds, Rick Haring, Jim Pepper, Debra Cannon, and Lisa Sciscio.

Acting Superintendent Charles Malone

The Central Bucks High School West Administration:

Mr. Lyndell Davis, Principal

Mr. Bryant Hosler, Sophomore House Principal
Mr. Todd Cantrell, Junior House Principal
Mr. Frank Pustay, Senior House Principal

Mrs. Marci Banks, Mrs. Regina Bertman, Mrs. Dawn Sidorski  and

Mrs. Jeanette Viniarski
Mr. David Fellman and the Custodial Staff of CB West


Andrew Greenberg (Class of 2013)

Jessica Briggs Photography


Corey Mitchell


JSL Services, Jeffrey S. Lauble


Sherwin Williams Paint


Jane File


Courtney Taylor of Taylor Outfitters


Thank you to our parent leadership team:

Carol Cooke, Kari File, Eric Trout, Carla Chamberlin-Quinlisk, Lori Kesilman, Gina Bigley, Lisa Bradley, Alexa Angelitis, Stacy Kingsbury, Meredith & Chris Grasso, Dave Taurino and Brandyn Bissinger-Taurino.


All the PARENTS and friends

who helped with props, sets, fundraising, events, and more!



Thank you to our "Peace on Earth" Donors


The Cooke Family


The Trout Family




Co-Presidents: Jackson Manning & Griffan Arbogast

Vice Presidents: Ella Patras & Brian File

Treasurer: Alex Storck

Technical Liason: Leo Tirone

Publicist: Lila Trout

Fundraising: Katie Meeks & Lila Trout

Art Head: Evan Carroll

Member at Large: Reese Grasso

State Thespian Officer: Annika Grasso


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