Little Women - May 06 - May 22, 2022

Central Stage Theatre

 End Notes 

A Note From the Director



 I would like to thank all of you for your continued support of Central Stage Theater,  not only through the pandemic, but through the last 5 years of our transition as we get ready to build our new home. It is with your continued support and the support of so many community organizations that we are able to bring you productions like Little Women.


Little Women is a story that has always been near and dear to my heart. When you grow up with four sisters, you can’t help but pick out who Meg, Jo, Beth or Amy are. The stories of these young girls learning who they are and what their places are in the world, is timeless. As a hgh school teacher and children's theater director, I have had the pleasure of seeing first hand the struggles youth face. I have also been blessed to watch young people blossom into amazing humans. Some of  whom I have had the opportunity to direct in this production.


As I prepared to say goodbye to Kitsap County I knew I wanted to direct one last show for CSTOCK and Little Women  has always been on my list. As I was getting  into this project I  had a lot more to think about than the last show I directed. Where are we going to rehearse? Where are we going to perform? How do I keep my actors safe and healthy during a pandemic? To list a few. Although this seemed like a daunting task, the stars aligned and we were able to partner with Silverdale Lutheran Church and Enoch City Arts for rehearsal and performance spaces. I’ve grown up doing shows for  CSTOCK. I was in a production of Little Women in a pre-show act as a child, so directing Little Women feels like I’m coming full circle. 


 Working with actors that I have known my whole life and getting the opportunity to cast some of my camp alumni  feels so right. This cast has given me the gift of their talents and trust  and as such, they have created this beautiful work.  It is an honor to share my vision of Little Women with you and what it means to pave your own path in the world as I start on my own new journey.



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