War of the Worlds - October 02 - October 03, 2020

Chill Bucket Productions

 Who's Who 

  • Cyrus Newitt head shot

    Cyrus Newitt

    as Announcer

    Cyrus Newitt has been making theater for over 40 years as an actor, director and designer. He has most recently performed for Harrison Players, Harrison NY and Thrown Stone Theater in Ridgefield CT. He’s also appeared in New York City for The Snarks LTD and the Amateur Comedy Club. Other area appearances include Cape May Stage, and the Hampton Theater Company. He’s delighted to be part of this latest Chillbucket project, and promises to be tanned, rested, and ready whenever live theater resumes.

  • Brandon Davis head shot

    Brandon Davis

    as Orson Welles

    Brandon is studying theater as a performance major at ISU and would like you to stow your heart and look to the sky for Brandon is all around you. Is that him in the bushes outside or is that simply a raccoon? Okay look, it's him, but he'll only be a minute. He lost the keys to his Winnebago and he swears this is the last place he had them.

  • Elizabeth DiMeo head shot

    Elizabeth DiMeo

    as Announcer One

    This is Liz’s 2nd production with Chillbucket. She was last seen as Kolenhkov in You Can’t Take it with you. Thanks to Jeff & Dakota for giving me this opportunity to perform

  • Enid Breis head shot

    Enid Breis

    as Announcer Three

    Enid Breis is delighted to be a part of this production of The War of the Worlds. She has enjoyed over 20 years of acting experience and has performed in the NY International Fringe Festival and numerous plays, dramatic readings, web series, commercials, and films throughout Westchester County and New York City. Enid often applies her comedic talents in improvisation, but recently has been focusing on Zoom productions. When not acting, she can be found exercising and discussing world affairs with her African Grey parrot.

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