It's An Italian Thing. No, It's A Black Thing - October 01 - October 02, 2021

Chill Bucket Productions


Thanks from the Playwright to those ...
For helping me to develop my story-telling acumen, particularly friends at the Brazen Giant Ensemble (, playwriting workshops by David Adam Gill at Axial Theater (, Gaby Fox's workshop at Westchester Community College ( and other writing groups.


For helping me with improving my writing craft, particularly with scripts and screenplays, and the many rehearsals and rewrites. They were thoughtful and patient, with a critical helpful eye.


For helping me with indirectly-writing skills such as stand-up comedy through instructional courses by talented comedians and performing shows and open mics over a 10-year period, poetry (, songwriting with collaboraters including Frank Pisani, Scott Pollack, Matina Grammas, Circle of Friends, Pleasantville, writing music, performance (especially The Imperial Court of New York, Brazen Giant Ensemble), Chauncey Dandridge's Freakout Show at The Stonewall Inn, acting workshop at HB Studios with Vincent Pastore and Maureen Van Zandt, Vincent Curatola acting workshops, Episcopal Actors Guild and the monthly workshop called Actors' Night, led by Peter Von Berg, the Gene Frankel Theatre (NYC) and so many others.


For helping me with hundreds of auditions and rehearsals and performances in plays, films, shows, comedy and variety shows, benefits, fundraisers, community activities, art shows, and so on.


For helping me develop my artistic mission statement about striving for authenticity, fuller expression, fairness, DEI (diversity equity and inclusion), breakthrough creativity, enhanced interaction of my left and right brains, particularly my colleagues at the Episcopal Actors Guild including helping me to develop my virtual variety show "Judging People Unfairly" and the related one-act plays "Don't You Judge My Son"; and "Kindness and Fairness" and the work we have done with Black Lives Matter (including the PSA) and Sustainable Conversations about
Racism, and the Firestarter 16-week sessions.


And helped by art colleagues at the Pelham Art Center (Pelham, NY), especially my wood sculptures) and ArtsWestchester, and other art organizations and centers.


For helping me to see art in its many shapes and sizes as a vehicle to bring matters of the heart and soul out and
shared with the world around us, developing important collaborations, and ways to help each other.

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