The Show Will Go On - February 19 - February 21, 2021

Chippewa Falls Senior High School

 Production Info 

Did you know that in our current structure, the ticket sales from one year’s production is what makes up the entire budget for doing the musical the next year? 


Doing a full stage musical can be very expensive. Performance rights for the three shows and script rentals alone can cost just under $5000! 


You can help us continue to grow the musical program and continue this valuable tradition into the future. Below are some things that you may have around your home or could easily purchase to donate to the musical: 


  • Gift Cards to Amazon, Menards, Ace Hardware, Walmart, Michael’s, JoAnn Fabrics
  • Paint Brushes of Various Sizes
  • Paint Rollers, Roller Covers, and Paint Trays
  • Power Drills w/ Batteries
  • Fabric (Please only pieces of 1 yard or more)
  • Fabric Curtains
  • Men’s Colored Dress Shirts (Vintage Especially)
  • Men’s Black, Brown, and Gray Dress Pants
  • Men’s Solid Color Ties
  • Men’s Vests
  • Men & Women’s Hats - Top Hats, Fedoras, Straw Hats, Floral, etc 
  • Women’s Shawls & Scarves
  • Men & Women’s Wool Coats - Various Lengths & Colors
  • Women’s Floor Length Skirts
  • Baskets
  • Wooden Chairs
  • Wooden Stools w/ Round Tops
  • Small Wooden Tables (Preferably Older Looking)
  • Silk Greenery - Leaves, Vines, etc
  • DryWall Screws (Various Sizes)
  • Masking Tape (1” and 2”) 
  • Clear Storage Totes w/ Lids (Various Sizes)
  • Unopened Makeup 
  • Unopened Baby Wipes
  • Cash Donations Are Always Welcome


If a business would like to help sponsor the musical, please connect with us. There are many opportunities - large and small - that we’d love to discuss with you. 

If you have something that you feel we’d be able to use that isn’t on this list, please email director Nate Plummer at

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