The Sound of Music - March 04 - March 07, 2021

Cinco Ranch Academy of Music


Scene 1: A Mountainside near Nonnberg Abbey, early evening
The Nuns Of the Nonnberg Abbey
The Sound of Music  
Scene 2: Nonnberg Abbey, the following morning
Sisters Berthe, Sophia, Margaretta, Mother Abbess
My Favorite Things  
Maria, Mother Abbess
Scene 3: The Living Room of the von Trapp Villa, that afternoon
Maria, The von Trapp Children
Scene 4: Outside the Villa, early that evening
Sixteen Going on Seventeen  
Rolf, Liesl
Scene 5: Maria's Bedroom, later that evening
The Lonely Goatherd  
Maria, the Children
Scene 6: The Terrace of the Villa, a few weeks later
The Sound of Music (reprise)  
The Children, Capt. von Trapp
Scene 7: The Living Room, one week later
So Long, Farewell  
The Children, Capt. von Trapp
Scene 8: Nonnberg Abbey, a morning several days later
Climb Ev'ry Mountain  
Mother Abbess
Scene 9: The Terrace, that afternoon
My Favorite Things  
The Children, Maria
Scene 10: The Terrace, several weeks later
Do-Re-Mi (Reprise)  
Maria, Children, Captain
Scene 11: The Concert Hall Stage in Salzburg, two days later
Capt. von Trapp, Maria, the Children
Scene 12: The Abbey, later that evening
The Company
Special Thanks  
Costume Crew  
Allie Thurmond and Silvana Susi
Set Builder  
Ulises Rivas

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