Lion King, Jr - April 22 - April 25, 2021

Clay Middle School

 Shout Outs! 

Hannah, we love seeing you on stage and can't wait to see what the future has in store for you! Keep Singing! We love You, Mom and Dad
Break a leg Emma! We love you! Love Grandma and Grandpa Shepherd
Belle- If Broadway is a bust, remember you can always sing in the garage!
Love, Your Brother
Shine bright Emma! Love,The Rains Family
Belle- From your video “interviews” to your constant melodies, you are never one to let the entertainment die out! Sing louder and reach for the stars!
Love Mom & Dad 
"Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God."- Leo Buscaglia You were born with a song in your heart. Keep singing, Ella Bella. We love you! Love, Mom and Dad
Super proud of you Emma! Break a leg! We love you!
Love, Grandpa Ted and Grandma Cheryl
Thank you Mrs. Susie and Mr. Anderson for spending so much time and effort in this years performance! Sincerely, The Curry’s
Congratulations Emma M.! So proud of you! Love, Aunt Laura
Congratulations, Colin and the entire cast and crew of Lion King, Jr. We are excited to see your first show at Clay. Have fun and make memories! Break a leg!
Love, Mom, Dad and Carson.
Hope- You are a star and loved.-The Grandmas Elshire and Frankowski
Hope- You are the cutest Timon ever. Keep singing and we love you. Mom and Dad
Emma- You shine like a star! Don't let anything hide your light! Love,Grandma Nancy
Hope- Hakuna Matata! We love you and can’t believe we have such a cool sis.
-Your Nine Siblings
Brian, We are so proud of your hard work and enthusiasm. We can't wait to see you shine on stage! Love, Mom, Dad and Adam
Ellen, Congrats on being on crew for this production! We are excited to see all of your hard work, especially the mouse! Love, Dad, Mom, Clara, Peter and Aaron
Emma-We know you will be the best Nala (understudy) ever. We are so proud of you! Love, Katelyn, Luke, Laurel, Karson, Cohen, Sawyer and Kierstyn
Best of Luck Emma! We know you will be awesome!! Love, Uncle J, & Aunt Kelsey

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