Bonnie & Clyde - April 26 - April 29, 2018

Coldwater High School


Finally, I would like to thank the students for all their hard work and dedication. Directing this show has been an even bigger dream come true. I've felt completely grateful for this incredible opportunity to express my love of Musical Theatre to others.  The talent, dedication, honesty, and support I have received from this cast has been incredible.


I went to New York in 2011 when I was in college.  Bonnie & Clyde had just closed, and I was sad I could not see it.  I have been facinated by the true history of these two since I first learned about them in the sixth grade. What really caught my eye from this show was the composer.  Frank Wildhorn has been my favorite Broadway composer ever since my older brother gave me a tape recording of Jekyll & Hyde: The Musical.  I listened to Frank Wildhorn's music when I delivered newspapers almost every day.  Imagine, a seven year old kid belting out showtunes while delivering papers. His style and story telling has always impressed me, and I am so excited to officially direct one of his works. 



  I’ve said it many times, but this cast made this easy for me. This year I had quite a few different obstacles along with directing, but found comfort through the power of prayer.  Kelsey and I had our second child and I also started my Masters Degree in an accelerated program. No matter how hard things became, I knew I could always rely on these magnificient students to impress me with their talents, to be incredibly reliable, and flexible at all practices. I strongly thank you all for that!  This production has taught me so much about the importance of patience and humility.



Of course, a quote from one of the songs comes to mind…


“God's arms are always open

Your voice is always heard

Even though your prayers are silent prayers

He hears every word.


No one needs to feel alone

Turn to him and when you do

His light will shine

And peace will come to you!"




To My Senior's: I will truly never forget you.  I became the assistant director when you were freshmen, and you stuck by me when I became the head director.  Thank you for believing in me and for being patient with me learning the ropes.  You have all impressed me so much with your incredible talents and will all be missed.  I wish you the best of luck and remember, whatever you do in life, "Sing it Loud, Sing it Proud!"



I will never forget this year, this cast, and this wonderful experience. I cannot wait for next year! THANK YOU COLDWATER HIGH SCHOOL DRAMA 2017-2018!




 Sam Gudorf









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