The Giver - November 11 - November 16, 2019

Colonial Players

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Dr. Michael Christian, Superintendent

Dr. Elizabeth McKeaney, Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment 

Mr. Terry Yemm, Director of Operations

Mr. David Sherman, Community Relations Coordinator


Dr. Jason Bacani, Principal

Mr. Ralph Bretz, Athletic Director

Mr. Maico Azcona, Assistant Principal

Ms. Heather King, Assistant Principal

Mr. Stephen Price, Assistant Principal


Ms. Kim Newell, Assistant Public Relations Coordinator

Mr. Joseph Lally, Operations Coordinator

Mrs. Tonia Kaufman, Director of Bands &

Music Department Liaison

Mrs. Elise Derewitz, Director of Orchestra

Mr. Jeff Cooper, Director of Choirs


Dr. Katy Giovanisci, Curriculum Supervisor 

Mrs. Eileen Spector, Curriculum Supervisor

 Mrs. Maria Wileczek, Curriculum Supervisor


Mr. Jeff Cooper, Stage Manager

Mr. Richard Walton, Assistant Stage Manager

Mr. Nate Barone, Maintenance Supervisor

Mr. Richard Walton, Custodial Supervisor

Ms. Lori McCoy, Director of Food Services

Mrs. Amy Pezzano, Copy Center

Mrs. Jeanine Whitney, Copy Center

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