The Phantom of the Opera - February 08 - February 16, 2019

Colony High Drama

 Crew Who's Who 

  • Aidan Barnett head shot

    Aidan Barnett

    Stage manager

    Aidan Barnett, Stage Manager

    This is Mr. Barnett's fourth year working with the wonderful Colony Drama department. He has acted in past roles such as Ralph from a Christmas story, The Cardinal from Three Musketeers, and Tom from Glass Menagerie. As well as acting, he has also done many backstage roles such as prop master, stage hands, light technician, and more. Mr. Barnett is happy to end his drama experience of large productions with the important job of Stage Manager and hopes that you thoroughly enjoy the magnificent show

  • Gabriel Fish

    Light Crew

    Gabriel Fish, Light Crew just joined drama this year! Phantom of the Opera will be Gabriel's second show. He has enjoyed learning about all of the work and skill needed to put a show together, Gabriel was also light crew in The Christmas Story.

  • Galeano Lopez

    Prop Manager

    Galeano started Colony High Drama his freshman year as sound tech in the protection, The Glass Menagerie. He's been in actor in the following productions: Flash Gordon Radio Show (Captain), The Three Musketeers (Planchet), Little Orphan Annie Radio Show (Announcer), and A Christmas Story (Schwartz). He plans to more drama after this show and continue until his graduating year.

  • Hailee Falgout

    Backstage Manager

    Hailee Falgout, actor Miss Falgout has participated in every Colony production this year. She took up the role of sound technician for Glass Menagerie and Flash Gordon, and was a prop mistress/backstage crew for The Three Musketeers. She would like her friends in Colony Drama to know that they’ve made her freshman year ten times as enjoyable.

  • Andie Lake



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