The Retail Song Cycle: A Staged Reading - August 11 - August 14, 2022

Communal Pancake Performing Arts & Cameron Michael Fehring

 End Notes 

In Retail, a verbatim is customer feedback, usually collected by the invitational surveys at the bottom of every receipt.  Stores usually push employees heavily to ask for them directly from customers as the insight provided can be valuable and directly impact a stores performance as well as shape future action of the individual store as well as the company.  This method is also very useful in setting metrics for employees.


In actual reality, the process is only completed when a customer experiences extreme ends of the spectrum in regard to service; either unbelievably good, or unbelievably bad.  As a result, the average customer employee interaction goes unnoticed and unreported.


It should also be noted that when a negative verbatim is received, it is usually tied directly to the person who rang out the transaction and not the individuals who were responsible for the response.


In Act II the song entitled "Verbatim" is the author's actual first piece of digital customer feedback. In the Script and Score it is recreated in its exactness and will ideally be projected onto the stage in a full production of this show.  Since this a reading, we will reprint it here. Enjoy!






"these people dont no shit!

i Aint  never ben so disrepected

in all my life!

I am a customer!

I diserve repect!

Do you trane them

was you even here that day?

Because of you're dummy staff 

i won't shop here no more!

They should all be fi red

Thank you much."



Unnamed Customer, Missoula, MT - 2009

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