Wagon Wheels A-Rollin' - November 14 - November 17, 2018

Cooper Middle School


Our fall production combined the unique and varied talents of over 100 students, staff, and members of our community.  Our entire ensemble would like to send a very special thank you to the following people:


Jan Flatley, for your time and dedication and artistic talents to beautify our Vinegar Bottle.


Eric Ansah, Bruce Ellsworth, Chris Freelander, Rich Klumpp, Arturas Lickunas, Jerry Marenburg, & Eric Tone for all your help with construction.  We could not have had such a fantastic set without your hard work!


Juliana Amspaugh, Laura Cian, Jill Farah, Calliandra Harris, Robin Hoeymans,  Michelle Kladakis, Mary Klumpp, Vaida Lickunas, Christy Prame & Destiney Tompkins for all your help with set painting and rocks and cacti!


Juliana Amspaugh, Leslie Hutchinson, Elizabeth Korchnak, & Deb Worden for all your help with costumes and props.  


Sohini Gupta, Meera Jindal & Calliandra Harris for our beautiful headshots and poster pictures.


Beth Jannery & John Barney for hosting and organizing our cast party.


Leslie Hutchinson, Michelle Kladakis & Christy Prame for props/t-shirts/set pick ups. 


All of our backstage chaperones, ticket and concession sellers, snack and water donations, photographers and everyone who contributed time to making this production a success, we thank you greatly!


Thank you to all our parents, for keeping track of schedules, chauffering kids, and making it possible for your students to follow through with such a big commitment.  


Thank you to our teachers, admin and staff for your support and understanding of all the time it takes to put a show together.


Thank you to all the students involved in this production.  Your kindness and ability to work hard but still make it fun has made you a joy to work with.  You are a wonderfully upbeat and exuberant group and have made this production so much fun to work on.  Both cast and crew, not to mention our hard working stage managers have done such a fabulous job with this show.   A director couldn't ask for a better posse!


Lastly, thank you to Phil Kipperman who is my favorite partnar in the whole Wild West.  Conquackulations on another fantastic show.  

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