The Crimson House Murder - November 20 - November 23, 2019

Cooper Middle School


Cooper's production of The Crimson House Murder could not have been produced without the time, energy and help of many people.  The director, cast and crew of The Little Mermaid would like to send a special thanks to the following people:


  Eric Ansah, who is with me at every build day, Home Depot run and problem solving all of my "creative" ideas.


Our set builders: Eric Ansah, Chris Britton, Jud Brown, Jim Harris, John Jones, Jeff Minsky, and Brian Thoreson, for the many hours building our beautiful set. 


 Our set painters: Michelle Brown, Holly Freedlander, Pam Fox, Calli Harris, Anya Kim, Michelle Kladakis, Andrea Martin and Martin girls, Ellie Preta, Sue Sujansky for all the painting, staining and stenciling!


Pam Fox for coming in and finishing all that beautiful stenciling! 


Andrea Martin, our personal show photographer for taking our headshots and all the show pictures.


The Jones family for organizing our cast party.


Jacqueline Gauthier, Ari Korchnak, Milan Nguyen & Aneesha Singh for stepping up and taking on incredibly difficult jobs and doing a wonderful job with it!


Eliza Rose, for coming in to help with characterization. 


All our snack donators, ticket and concession sellers, and backstage chaperones for donating your time and energy to helping make this show a success.


 All our parents for the rides, late rehearsals and patience!


 All our teachers for understanding the huge time commitment it takes to be part of the show.


 Our amazing and tireless custodians for cleaning up all our many, many messes. 

 Our administrators for your support.


 Finally a huge thank you to Phil Kipperman, who works with us every step of the way, no matter how many times I tell him to just go home and get some sleep.  You make my job easier, more joyful, and a million times funnier.  Thank you for all your work and time. 


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