Mary Poppins - September 29 - October 01, 2016

Covenant School


To the Faculty and Administration of Covenant School for their prayers and support of our musical.


To Terry May for the time and help which she has given for this and all Covenant productions.


To Bishop Lynch High School for graciously allowing Covenant to take over their theater during production week.


To the Covenant Football Team for moving our pallet of cardboard!


To the Stephens Painting Company of Mansfield, Texas for their kind and generous donation of paint for our sets.


To the parents of the cast and crew of "Mary Poppins" who have supported us in so many ways - from prayers, transportation and snacks - to the countless hours that they have given in so many ways. We are so thankful and appreciative.


To Dallas Summer Musicals. 


To the Logic School Art and Drama classes for help with props.


To our husbands, Andrew and Stephen, for your help, advice and support. We love you and appreciate you.





To the Cast and Crew of "Mary Poppins"


     Although Mary Poppins may have been able to pull a hatstand out of a carpet bag, you, yourselves are the true "magic" of this production.


      We have watched you coach each other and practice dance steps together. We have heard you speak words of encouragement to each other and watched as you sat in corners reviewing lines. We have been encouraged as you suggested ways by which a scene could be made stronger. As teachers, we have been proud to watch you take over and teach each other - scenes, choreography, characterization. We will remember how during our hardest rehearsals, you reminded us that "anything can happen if you let it". 


     You have taken printed words and music and brought this story to life, reminding all of us of what is truly important. 


     You have given us such joyous memories, and we will treasure them.




                                                                                     Mrs. Clark and Mrs. Miller




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