The Little Mermaid - February 22 - March 02, 2019

Cranbrook Schools







Aimeclaire Roche, Tom De Craene, Noel Dougherty, Jon Poffenberger, Sharon Peacock, Erika Hansinger, and Gail Chun for your support and leadership; Sarkis Halajian, thank you for everything; The Performing Arts Department, you all are wonderful human beings and artists; Jeremy Rahn and the Stage Crew for never backing down from any creative decision; Maggie Higgins and Costume Crew for continually creating beautiful pieces; Michigan Educational Theatre Association Board of Directors for artistic insight and props; Caren Vondell for lending of props; Suzanne Lewand for almost literally everything; Peter and Lindsey Hefter for sound and video; Holly Conroy for your beautiful masks; Chuck Wilcox, Anna Craprotta and BRAVO for always being there and investing your time and energy into our programs; every parent for your continual support of this program; every alum for helping create the culture of excellence and exploration that exists to this day; every audience member, thank you for lending us your eyes, ears, and applause; my seven year old daughter Elyse who kept this show secret until the reveal and for her unending inquiry about whether or not Ursula was going to give her nightmares;




We all appreciate you!



Daniel E Dobrovich

Director of Theatre

Cranbrook Schools

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