Twelfth Night - July 17 - July 25, 2020

Creekside Theatre Fest

 A Note From the Director 

It’s a Party!


This comedy’s title comes not from it’s content but from it’s first performance, on the twelfth night of Christmastide in 1602. Taking our inspiration from what we can know of this ancient Christian festival, we focused on the play’s music, mayhem, and disorder. Rather than bring you a history lesson or museum piece, we’ve strived to create the very party that would have culminated twelve days of feasting, games, and celebration!


Please join our party. Drink in the romance, dance with the fools, and savor Shakespeare’s delicious language. We didn’t cut much text, so you’ll hear the whole song. Open your eyes, ears, and hearts to our stories and our friendship. Let’s make merry!

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