A Midsummer Night's Dream - November 17 - November 19, 2022

Creekview High School

 End Notes 

Directors Note:


Oh boy! Here we are. Midsummer Night's Dream has been my favorite Shakespeare show since I was a kid just starting out in theatre. My first introduction to Midsummer was the Tom Gustafson film, Were the World Mine and then again more recently when I watched the National Theatre's 2020 version with Gwendoline Christie, who plays Brienne of Tarth in Game of Thrones. Both impacted me in very different ways but established a love for this story of miscommunication, chaos, love, rejection, playfulness, and most importantly glitter. 


I have had so much fun creating this beautiful piece of artwork with everyone involved. This cast has really tackled the language of Shakespeare and ran with it. The crew has worked so effortlessly to create the most stunning black box set I have had since coming to Creekview. That being said...


Mirsky, you are truly my light. You establish my wacky desires in a way I never thought possible. Every single set you create never ceases to amaze me and the beauty seems to just grow every time. I absolutely love coming to work to see what things you have created in my absence and the relationship we have established has been a highlight of my life. You are such an incredible theatre artist, teacher, technician, tech director, confidant, collaborator, coworker, and friend. Thank you for every single thing you do for us and this department. You keep us going.


To the cast, guys. Wow. You did it. You are some of the most amazing kids I have ever worked with. You keep me on my toes but you remind me of how truly hard you each work from start to finish. Thank you for bringing this story to life. Thank you for making my Shakespearian directorial debut such a blast!


Boosters, thank you for always being there to help. You are parents first and you have raised such wonderful children. You guys make those late Wednesday nights so incredibly bearable. Massive shoutout to Kelly Gutermuth, Amy Middleton, Susan Connelly, Janine Kay, Marian West, and Ronelle Eddings for keeping my head on right, creating such beautiful 'Good Show' gifts, and just being the kindest of people on the most stressful days. 


We shadows hope not to offend, but if we do, you were never here. It was all just an elaborate dream. Enjoy the show!

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