Mamma Mia! - March 22 - March 24, 2019

Crestview High School


A Note from the Director



Thank you for attending the Crestview High School production of "Mamma Mia!" Our students have been working since January to create this spectacular performance! I would like to extend my heart felt thanks to all the students who have given up their time to make this production a reality. It is always a joy to have the opportunity to spend time with them and see them come together to create performance that is truly special.


We would not be able to create the level of productions we are fortunate to have here at Crestview High School without the immense dedication of our parents. I would like to especially thank Ron McCloskey, Jamie Meredith, Heather Huff, Shane Patrone, Ed and Kristen Miller (and family), Randy and Kathy Frampton, and Landon, Nicole, and Dave Talbert for the unbelieveable work on our set. Our stunning Dynamo costumes were created by Heather Van Kirk who also corrdinated costumes for the entire cast. Jenn Rothwell, with the help of other parents, prepared, served, and coordinated meals for our students during Tech Week Rehearsals. I would like to the all the parents of the students involved in our production for providing rides, support, and coping with the intense rehearsal schedule.


The extra time and energy of our Crestview students cannot go unmentioned. A big thank you must be extended to the Middle School Drama Club for helping with tickets, flowers, and back stage assistance. The work of our stage crew, stage manager, and director's assistances helped make things run smoothly throughout our rehearsal and produciton schedule. I would like to especially thank Conner Leetch for going above and beyond to handle many administrative tasks needed early on in our production schedule. Kamden Miller has done an outstanding job working to supplement the intense choreography program required for this musical. The Crestview Arts Students spent many days helping make our set look great as well.


We are fortunate to have an outstanding team working to bring this production together. Andrew Crawford is a constant source of knowledge, energy, and life for our students and other directors. It is difficult not to feel inspired when he is around. Reece Xavior has helped raise the level of choreography beyond what we have seen in recent productions. He has provided a keen eye to help improve all aspects of the production along with designing our posters. TJ Carr has provided assitance in areas from choreography to backstage help. I cannot thank Randi Kubas enough for all her help with auditions through collecting ads, handling student bios, and formatting the program. All these individuals are a vital part of making this production happen.


Each year our community provides support for our performing arts students through donations. We would like to encourage you to patronize those businesses and organization who have provided food, materials, and monetary support.


Lastly, I cannot express how great it is to be in a school district that values the arts. I would like to thank the administration, school board, technology staff, custodial staff, and teachers for allowing us to create this production and for supporting the students involved.


There are many more individuals who have been an integral part of making this performance happen. I would like to thank all those people who have been working behind the scenes and who may not have been mentioned for everything they have done to create a successful production and provide a unbelieveable experience for our students.

We hope you enjoy the Crestview High School production of "Mamma Mia!"



Eric Bable






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