Heathers The Musical - October 22 - October 24, 2021

Cue Zero Theatre Company


What's New With Cue Zero?



  • First musical at the Derry Opera House
  • First show with a simal-cast online option to watch the production from home
  • First time producing the work of Laurence O’Keefe and Kevin Murphy
  • First time working with Cue Zero for Brian Nickerson, Meredith Carver, KML Headshots, Emily Fitzgerald, Brooke Wolz, Joel Michael King, Tommi Lynn, Alixandra Young, Halee Bandt, Hunter Twite, Andrew Catanese, Matt Brides, Jordan Formichelli, Jake Doble, Amber Rollston, Colleen Deitrich, William Steeves, Joey Martin



Special Thanks

  • Paula Trout
  • Keith Strang
  • Richard Pelletier
  • Lori Pelletier
  • Windham Actors Guild
  • Maskers Drama Club
  • Granite State Arts Academy Drama Club
  • Beth Schwartz
  • Randy Carver
  • Melissa Carver.
  • The Players Ring

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