Macbeth - June 17 - June 19, 2022

Cue Zero Theatre Company


  • Arts Academy of New Hampshire
  • Paula Trout
  • The Pelletier Family
  • Maskers Drama Club of Central High School
  • Community Players of Concord for costumes and props
  • Bob Haas
  • All our sponsors and supporters 


Cue Zero Members

  • Benefactor
    • Lori Pelletier
    • Joey Martin
    • Cassandra Durand
  • Choreographer
    • Connor McGrath
  •  Ensemble
    • Avonlea Lin Cole

Audience Shout-outs

  • MEGAN MORAN or should i say  -  My Lady! Don't worry - I can help you! OXI CLEAN will take care of that SPOT!!  Love,  MOM
  •     MEGAN MORAN as Lady Macbeth - WE ARE PRAYING FOR YOU!!!!   Love, Dad
  •  MEGAN MORAN  You just acted in the role of Lady Macbeth! What are you gonna do now????  SHE'S GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!!!!!!!! -  Love, RYAN
  • MEGAN MORAN - Dear Lady Macbeth,  When you become Queen, I want you to feed me more and let me play outside. I miss my vole friends. Love Raja
  • MEGAN MORAN - Dear Lady Macbeth, SOOOOO proud of you!
  •  MEGAN MORAN - Dear Megan, Have a great show. Love, your brother, Sean
  • MEGAN MORAN Dear  Maymay mabeth, You deserve this role. I love you so much - and have fun!!! Love, your brother -  Mark
  • Dear Megan, WE are very proud of ALL that you do! Have a wonderful performance. Love - your FAMILY


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