Disney's Winnie the Pooh KIDS - June 14

Curtain Call Performing Arts Center

 SHOUT-OUTS To The Cast 

Max: Fabulous job! We are all super proud of you. Keep smiling! We love you! Mom, Dad, Jack, Reid and family.


Julissa Ghaul, We are so proud of you. Love, Mommy & Daddy


Michael - We are so proud of you! Good luck, we love you! Love, Mom, Dad, Aidan and Cole


Tommy John, We are so proud of you! Love you to the moon and back! Love, Mommy & Daddy XOXO


Julie - "You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think" - Love, Mom, Dad, Abby, Nina & Bella


Good luck Julie. We love you and we know you will do great! Love, Mom-Mom & Grandpa Willy


Addee "The things that make me different are the things that make me me" Love you! Mommy & Kaylynn


Rosalie Quinn "Queen" Cranmer - We admire your passion, bravery & spunk - Make the world your stage! We love you & are so proud! Mom, Dad, Miles, Holden & Tina


Rosalie - Your fan club is always behind you! We love you! Oma, Mom Mom, Pop Pop, Uncle Bobby, Trish, Aunt Lauren & Uncle Joe & The Hertz fam!


Grace Kovach - Congratulations on another great Theater Club show! We love you and are proud of you! Love, Daddy, Mama, Christian & Faith


Break a leg, Jordanna! We are so proud of you! Love, Mommy, Daddy & Joseph


Congratulations to Jordanna Marie! Break a leg! Love, Gigi & Grandma


Good luck Sam! You are a rock star! We love you! Love, Mom, Dad, Jake, Kit Kat Fluffy, & Jack


Averi Taylor - We are so proud of you! Have fun and break-a-leg! Love, Mommy, Daddy, & Isla


Break a leg, Katelyn! We love you! XOXO Mom, Dad, & Emily


Break a leg to all of my friends in Winnie the Pooh! - Katelyn Webb


Leanna - We admire your independence, determination, competitiveness, intelligence, and fun-loving spirit! Enjoy every moment in the play and have fun being Kanga! We love you! Love, Mom, Dad, Julia, Alex & Erika


Good luck to all the 3rd and 4th graders in Theater Club! It's been a fun-filled two weeks! Thanks for the memories, Leanna & Mrs. Roura

















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