Legally Blonde JR. - August 08 - August 10, 2019

Curtain Call Performing Arts Center


Act 1  
Scene 1
Omigod You Guys (Part 1)  
Margot, Serena, Pilar, Gaelen, and Delta Nus
Omigod You Guys (Part 2)  
Elle, Margot, Serena, Pilar, and Delta Nus
Scene Two
Serious (Part 1)  
Elle, Warner, and Waiters
Serious (Part 2)  
Elle and Warner
Scene Three
Daughter of Delta Nu  
Margot and Delta Nus
What You Want (Part 1)  
Elle, Kate, Margot, Frat Boys and Delta Nus
What You Want (Part 2)  
Elle, Winthrop, and Ensemble
What You Want (Part 3)  
Elle, Winthrop, and Ensemble
Scene Four - (Elle, Emmett, Aaron, Padamadan, Enid, Warner, Vivienne, and Callahan)
Scene Five - (Elle, Emmett, Vivienne, and Warner)
Scene Six
Scene Seven - (Elle, Vivienne, Whitney, Padamadan, and Warner)
Scene Eight
Chip On My Shoulder (Part 1)  
Elle and Emmett
Chip On My Shoulder (Part 2)  
Elle, Emmett, and Ensemble
Chip On My Shoulder (Part 3)  
Elle, Emmett, and Students
Scene Nine - Run Rufus Run! / Elle Reflects
So Much Better  
Elle and Students
Scene Ten
Whipped Into Shape  
Brooke and Inmates
Delta Nu Nu Nu  
Elle and Brooke
Scene Eleven
Bend and Snap  
Elle, Paulette, Kiki, Stylist, Kyle, Bookish Client, and Beauty Shop Customers
Scene Twelve
Legally Blonde  
Elle and Emmett
Scene Thirteen
Legally Blonde Remix (Part 1)  
Vivienne, Kiki, and Ensemble
Legally Blonde Remix (Part 2)  
Elle, Serena, Pilar, Margot, and Ensemble

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