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  • Nathan Johnson head shot

    Nathan Johnson

    as Sherlock Holmes

    is no stranger to the stage. He played the part of Jonathan, the shepherd's son in Promised One, his church, Fairview Baptist Church in Decatur in December 2011.  He has played "Charles Pa Ingalls" in Little House on the Prairie the Musical, "Mr. Macy” in Miracle on 34th Street, "Buzz" in Father's Little Dividend, "Lervy" in Charolette's Web, "Clarence" in It's a Wonderful Life, Maurice/Prince in Beauty and the Beast, and many more! Nathan studies Theatre under Heather Anderson at the School of Fine Arts. He is thrilled to be playing the inconic role of Sherlock Holmes! Enjoy the show!

  • Eli Wright head shot

    Eli Wright

    as Dr. John H. Watson

    has developed a love for theater in the last few years. Previously, Eli participated in a year long class at the Princess Theatre where the children developed and performed a production about Alabama’s Bicentennial, served as a knight in the MHCS performance of The Princess and the Pea, was "Linus Van Pelt" for Curtain and Lights’ production of A Charlie Brown Christmas, "Willie Oleson" in Little House on the Prairie. Enjoy the show!

  • Cooper Naylor head shot

    Cooper Naylor

    as Mr. Henry Baker/Judge Bradstreet

    is 14 years old and is excited to be in Sherlock Holmes. Last Christmas he starred as "Charlie Brown" in A Charlie Brown Christmas. Cooper made his stage debut in CLTC's Annie Get Your Gun. He played Foster Wilson. When not on stage, Cooper enjoys playing video games, basketball, and just being outdoors. Cooper has 2 cats, 6 rabbits, and 12 chickens. 

  • Colton Naylor head shot

    Colton Naylor

    as Peterson/James Horner

    He made his stage debut as "Tommy Bailey" in CLTC's It's A Wonderful Life. Other roles include "Little Jake" in Annie Get Your Gun and "Schroeder" in A Charlie Brown Christmas. Colton enjoys playing outdoors and playing on his XBOX. He loves playing with his 2 cats, 6 rabbits, and 12 chickens. Colton is so exicted to be playing the plumber in Sherlock Holmes!

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