Much Ado About Nothing - October 10 - October 11, 2020

Cuyahoga Falls High School


Cast Members  
Don Pedro, Prince of Aragon.  
Brian Corrigan  
Benedick, companion of Don Pedro  
Ian Alspaugh  
Claudio, a count and companion of Don Pedro  
Raiden Ehrenfried  
Balthasar, attendant of Don Pedro, a singer  
Jayme Glover  
Don John, "the Bastard Prince," brother of Don Pedro.  
Sonny Cramer  
Borachio, follower of Don John  
Maxwell Heldreth  
Conrade, follower of Don John  
Mark Appleby  
Leonata, governess of Messina  
Becca Smith  
Hero, Leonata's daughter  
Lexy Saxon  
Beatrice, niece of Leonata  
Riley Beck  
Antonio, Leonata's brother  
Logan Hanselman  
Margaret, waiting-gentlewoman for Hero  
Katarina Hutchison  
Ursula, waiting-gentlewoman for Hero  
Kara Herman  
Friar Francis, a priest  
Sergio Roper  
Dogberry, the constable in charge of the night watch  
Paige Hilliard  
Verges, the Headborough, Dogberry's partner  
Zoe Kubick  
A Sexton, the judge of the trial of Borachio  
Jackie Carleton  
The First Watchman of Messina  
Elizabeth Anderson  
The Second Watchman of Messina  
Cece Brown  
George Seacoal  
Kirstie Fontanez  
Kamryn Woods  
Production / Creative  
Stage Manager  
Dylan Watson  
Mrs. Mihalyov  
Technical Director  
Mr. Frey  
Sound/ Lights/ Set Build  
CFHS Stage Crew  

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