Evil Dead The Musical - May 18 - June 09, 2018



Act I  
Cabin In The Woods  
Ash, Linda, Cheryl, Scott, Shelly
Housewares Employee  
Ash, Linda
It Won't Let Us Leave  
Look Who's Evil Now  
Cheryl, Shelly
What The Fuck Was That  
Ash, Scott
Join Us  
Cheryl, Moose
Good Old Reliable Jake  
Jake, Annie, Ed
Housewares Employee  
Linda, Ash
I'm Not A Killer  
Act II  
I'm Not A Killer (Reprise)  
Bit Part Demon  
All The Men In My Life Keep Getting Killed By Candarian Demons  
Annie, Ash, Jake, Cheryl
Ode To An Accidental Stabbing  
Jake, Annie
Do The Necronomicon  
Scott, Linda, Cheryl, Shelly, Jake, Ed
It's Time  
Ash, Deadites
We Will Never Die  
Blew That Bitch Away  
Ash, Deadites

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