Carrie the Musical - March 15 - March 30, 2019


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  • Drea Blau head shot

    Drea Blau

    Drea couldn’t be happier with her decision to move back to Columbus to help start Cyclodrama and pursue her BSN. She can't wait to graduate in just two more months, start her new carreer, and have more time for theatre. She wants to thank the rest of Cyclodrama for putting up with her over the last 18 months, especially Carolyn and Josh - we couldn't do it without you!

  • William

    William "Rusty" Lowry Jr.

    Rusty's artistic credits include shows with 2 high schools and 6 theater companies, on stage and off. He has a "MacGyver" reputation as he is constantly creating new and inventive ways of turning everyday materials, into useful, colorful & creative sets, props, and special effects. He is inspired by Jamie Hyneman & Adam Savage, as well as Walt Disney's Imagineers.

  • Alan Saunders head shot

    Alan Saunders

    Alan, a US Navy vet, has been onstage and behind the scene locally since 1989 (78 productions). Alan holds strong opinions, is dedicated to nutrition/fitness and celebrates nostalgia. He holds a MFA in Music Theory and is currently readying a production of his one man musical, "A Kiss to the Dance Floor."

  • Matt Schmitter head shot

    Matt Schmitter

    Matt would like to thank the amazing cast and crew that have worked incredibly hard to bring together this wonderful show. He would also like to thank his family for always supporting his nutty ideas and schedule. Even though he’s been involved with many shows, Matt’s typically focused on last minute details, so it was great to be involved in a full production again.


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