The Lion King Jr - April 07 - April 15, 2018

DMR Adventures


Crew Members  
Celena Cox  
Music Director  
Xavier Taylor  
Stage Manager  
Emily Webber  
Costume Designer  
Amy Goffman  
Makeup Designer  
Richelle Claiborne  
Lighting Designer/Technical Director  
Tracie Skipper  
Set Designer  
Joshua Gritz  
Stage Manager/Sound Board Operator  
Joshua Tucker  
Company Manager/Light Board Operator  
Mark Wiliams  
Assistant Music Director  
Jane Gargett  
Producing Artistic Director  
Melissa Charles  
Director of Operations  
Laura Ege  
Office Manager/Volunteer Coordinator  
Crystal Buyaki  
Head Scenic Charge/Assistant Set Design  
Julianna Buyaki  
Assistant Costume Designer  
Taylor Glennon  
Kiki Dowell  
Assistant Choreographer  
Dahlia Becker  
Scenic Painter  
Valerie Hung  
Photographer/Prop Assistant  
Gina Proulx  
Jacob Canon (CanonPVA)  
Makeup/Wardrobe Crew Lead  
Alysa Duncan  
Makeup Crew Leader  
Chloe Rodriguez Thomas  
Makeup/Wardrobe Crew  
Elsa Coffey  
Makeup/Wardrobe Crew  
Franny Rabasa  
Makeup/Wardrobe Crew  
Kristy Shearer  
Makeup/Wardrobe Crew  
Maddie Chin  
Makeup/Stage Crew  
Nathan Ege  
Concessions Chair/JTF Fundraising  
Selina Noramly  

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