Excerpts from Sleeping Beauty - June 02

Dance Del Bello













~ Stephanie Mumbauer, Sarah Brower, Thomas Gant, Jr., and Tara George for their exceptional hard work,

dedication and artistic support. 


~ David Kloss for ongoing artistic support.


~ Peter Chiovarou, Director of Bucks County Community College Zlock Performing Arts Center, and the entire theater staff who made this production possible.


~ Rhonda Wilson for administrative support.


~ Stephen Spencer, Victor Raimondo, George Betz, Jr. and Christopher Malone for additional production work.


~ Our business advertisers for their generous support.


~ Our "Supporting Angels" including those whose contributions were received after the printing deadline.


~ The Board of Directors:  Tara George, Maureen Greene, Marie McLaughlin, Stephanie Mumbauer, Delphine Del Bello Spencer, and Pat Urban.


~ Trisha Carnila for ticket sales administration.


~ Sarah Brower for website.


~ Marina Nikhinson for website assistance.


~ Cora M. Lee from Huntingdon Valley Photography for photography.


~ Linda Stover for her generous raffle donation of Aladdin tickets.


~Joan Flanagan and Fran Flanagan for serving as Chairpersons for raffle baskets.


~Pat Urban and Alyssa Demos for coordinating Concessions.


~ Julia Hall for Public Relations assistance.


~ Robin Riddell for Next Stage Marketing.


~ All parents of the Pennsylvania Dance Institute who continuously support our students.

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