Something Rotten! - May 20 - May 21, 2022

Dare 2 Defy Productions

 End Notes 



I cannot begin to tell you how much fun this show has been for me to direct. This was the first Broadway show I had seen in over 25 years and I loved it from the second the minstrel stepped onto the stage and opened his mouth.

There is nothing deep about this show, the biggest take away is believing in yourself and listening to those that love you. It’s just good fun! If you love musicals there are so many easter eggs that I’m still discovering them. I think it is especially pertinent in today’s world that we have shows like this that let us escape the world around us and fall into the silly, obnoxious fun!


This cast has been amazing to work with, so much talent! Thank you(s) are plentiful from my forever co-director Gina (who unfortunately had to step away because of an injury) to my right-hand man and stage manager extraordinaire Jonathan. I seriously could not have done anything without you! You were destined to be a stage manager and I know whatever show on Broadway you end up at will be fabulous because you are!  John your ear for music is unmatched and your presence in this process was not only fun but also essential to its success.  To the rest of the staff Becky, Mackensie, Ara, Natalie, Gabe and Dean you made this such a smooth and easy process! I literally could not have put this show up without any of you.


Gage, I saved you for last because you are certainly not the least… your choreography is brilliant! I don’t know how you do what you do. You make changes on the fly to match my blocking like you had it in your head from the get go. You are the most kind, loving and talented person and this show would in no way be what it is without you and your trusty side-kick Colby (who is himself a triple threat). 


As always thank you to my family for their unending support of me and this company. And mostly thank you to my husband Darrin who is my rock. 

I hope you enjoy watching this show as much as I enjoyed directing it




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