Peter and the Starcatcher - January 14 - January 17, 2021

Dayspring Christian Academy

 Note from the Director 

Welcome to Peter and the Starcatcher!  Thank you so much for coming. 


As I approach my final show here at Dayspring I find myself being very reflective.  Three things jump to my mind.  First is the quality of our program.  When I first took over the program in 1999 I had one goal, to make the drama department the best high school program in Greeley and the surrounding area.  That was a pretty lofty goal considering the size of our school.  We can't have the same amount of rehearsal time as the big schools.  We can't have rehearsal everyday because our actors are also atheletes.  We don't have the facilities.  We don't have the budget.  There were so many obstacles to overcome.  With all that said, I truly believe we have succeeded in accomplishing that goal.  The productions we have been able to put on have exceeded peoples expectations.  From the technical side of the productions, to the singing, to the acting, to the choreography, our students have excelled and perfected their craft.  I am super proud of all that we have accomplished on the stage. 


The second thing that jumps to my mind is the family we have created together as the drama department.  We have formed relationships that are deep, lifelong and have been forged through the blood, sweat, and tears that comes with putting together a show.  The bond we have created is so special.  There is nothing like a theatre family and the support, the laughter, the acceptance, and the validation.  It truely is life changing.  We are family from the first show of 12 Angry Men to Peter and the Starcatcher, to the future.  We are forever family. 


The third thing that jumps to my mind is how grateful I am.  I am grateful for the hundreds of students who have risked to create theatre. It is not easy to do this.  They have put their trust in me, especially when I asked them to do so much out of their comfort zone.  I admire the heart in which they give to this art.  Theatre reflects the world and changes the world.  It comes from a place deep within our hearts and without that personal connection it doesn't move the audiences heart.     


The thing I am most grateful for and humbled by, is those former students who are now my lifelong friends.  I've continued life with many of them beyond graduation and onto being at their weddings and even performing several of those ceremonies. Sharing life by meeting their kids and holding their babies, to teaching their kids (yes that has happened I am that old!). Sharing life by going to coffee together and sharing meals together and even going to theater productions together.  That is what I am most grateful for and I expect this group of students to be some more of my lifelong friends.    


I have loved every minute of my time here leading this program.  I have been incredibly proud of the hundreds of students who have come through the program.  They have worked so hard and we have accomplished so much.  From huge productions at Langworthy Theatre on the UNC campus in the early 2000's, to the make shift theatre spaces we created in the Dayspring Cafeteria, to renting space at Hope Center, Trinity Luthern, and now here at the State Armory we have created a lot of great performances, a lot of incredible memories, and one amazing family.      


I tell my students this:

"Love what you do, Love who you do it with, and Love who you do it for."  


That's where you find and create a meaninful life

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