Bonnie & Clyde - December 05 - December 14, 2019

Denmark High School


Prologue: A Dirt Road/Various Locations
Picture Show  
Young Bonnie, Young Clyde, Bonnie, Clyde
Scene I: American Cafe
Scene II: A Dirt Road
This World Will Remember Me  
Clyde, Bonnie
Scene III: Cinderella Beauty Parlor
You're Goin' Back To Jail  
Blanche, Buck, Salon Women
Scene IV: The Woods
How 'Bout a Dance?  
Scene V: Parker House
Scene VI: Blanche's Apartment
When I Drive  
Clyde, Buck
Scene VII: A River Behind a Church/Various Locations
God's Arms Are Always Open  
Preacher, Congregation
Scene VIII: Mclennan County Jail
You Can Do Better Than Him  
Ted, Clyde
Scene IX: Cinderella Beauty Parlor/American Cafe
You Love Who You Love  
Bonnie, Blanche
Scene X: A Courthouse
Scene XI: Parker House
Scene XII: Eastham Penitentiary
Raise a Little Hell  
Scene XIII: Various Locations
This World Will Remember Us  
Clyde, Bonnie
Scene I: Various Locations
Made in America  
Preacher, Ensemble
Scene II: McGuire's General Store
Scene III: Clyde & Bonnie's Hideout
Too Late to Turn Back Now  
Clyde, Bonnie
Scene IV: Blanche's Apartment
Now That's What You Call a Dream  
Scene V: Barrow Gas Station/Clyde & Bonnie's Hideout, Oklahoma
What Was Good Enough for You  
Clyde, Bonnie

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