A Very Potter Musical - July 26

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 Who's Who 

  • Ethan Barnes head shot

    Ethan Barnes

    as Severus Snape

    Ethan is a 21 year-old Film and Television graduate from the United Kingdom. He is currently working towards beginning his Master's Degree in Screenwriting.With only a little formal acting training during youth and an AS-level in Theatre Studies, this is Ethan's first role in a musical.

  • Kenzie Bradley head shot

    Kenzie Bradley

    Director/Stage Manager

    Kenzie Bradley (Director, Stage Manager) is beyond thrilled to be working on A Very Potter Musical! She just graduated from Georgia College with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, and is about to go to get her Master of Arts degree at Villanova University in August. Kenzie has had an absolute blast getting to know the cast and working on such an amazing show as Harry Potter has been among one of her favorite books and movies for a long time. She would like to thank the cast, her amazing stage management team, and Anna and Cassie for asking her to join this wonderful production.

  • Imogen Clare head shot

    Imogen Clare

    as Molly Weasley

    Imogen has worked in theatre and film for many years, playing lead roles in professional and youth theatre. Imogen has also worked backstage as an assistant director, costumer, and stage manager on many productions . Imogen identifies with Molly Weasley because she too, would like her knitting to be magically done for her. Whilst Molly lives in Devon with a husband and seven children, Imogen is currently a university student, and whilst often getting back to her dorm at 4am, Imogen has never been caught by a portrait like Molly was.

  • Suzette Dutson head shot

    Suzette Dutson

    as Cedric Diggory

    Suzie loves cosplay, film and theater more than anything in this world. After moving to New York City, Suzie realized her love for being behind the camera. This is only her second acting gig in almost 4 years, and she couldn't be happier to be playing the love of her life, Cedric Diggory! She hopes you FIND our show to be enjoyable and uplifting in these trying times.

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