At the Movies with DDA - June 12 - June 13, 2021

Dreams Dance Academy


Thank you for attending the 9th Annual Dreams Dance Academy recital "At the Movies with DDA." I have sat down to try to write this so many times. And every time I have too much to say, yet can't find the right words.


This weekend is a celebration. It is a celebration that we MADE it. We are still standing. And we are still dancing! We've danced on Zoom, we've danced in masks, we've had class outside, we've danced in socially distanced dance boxes...who would of ever thought! But we did it. We did what we had to do to survive and keep dancing. Having the opportunity to give kids any sort of normalcy the last 15 months is something I am truly grateful for.


Many studios around the country have had to close their doors; many parents have not felt comfortable sending kids to activities the last year…the list goes on. We are incredibly fortunate to have this recital weekend with our dance family, and we hope you can stop and remember all those little things and what’s really important, as you watch your dancer on stage this weekend, too. These kids deserve more applause than ever before.


We cannot thank you enough for believing in and trusting us. This has been a season of so many ups and downs in small business ownership, and to be honest I was not quite sure some days if I had it in me to keep going. And if you know me, that is not me. But every time I see these kids walk through the door or witness those special moments, that feeling goes away. This will be a chapter in our book we will never forget, and one we will look back on and smile! “Remember that time we had a recital in our studio parking lot? That was so cool!” Oh wait....I mean remember those TWO times :)


A huge thank you to my Dream Team for your dedication, time, and commitment. You each make up an important piece of DDA. I couldn’t do this without you. Especially this year. You showed up, you trusted my plans, you gave your all to our dancers on days you may have been struggling yourself. You lent a listenting ear and often a shoulder for me to cry on this last year. Thank you will never be enough. We are stronger than ever and I cannot express my appreciation in a short paragraph.


Thank you to our DDA Student Leadership Academy. Your dedication at such a young age is admirable. The future is bright for each of you and I love having a front row seat!


Thank you to all the recital volunteers. We appreciate it!


Thank you to every DDA parent and student for the support, love, and dedication you show. Especially this season. We know you have many studios to choose from - we appreciate you more than words can say! Your constant referrals mean the world to us when we hear what you tell others. Thank you, thank you!


Thank you to every person in the audience today - parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, every single one of you...thank you for taking time out of your day to support your favorite dancer. And everyone watching on the livestream.


Thank you to Manish Patel, the owner of our building. He has been so supportive of allowing us to have our recital in the parking lot!


Thank you to my family who continues to support me just as they did from the first time I stepped on stage 37 years ago!


So much of the last 15 months was filled with challenges for many. So if we can give you and your family a special memeorable day...we have done our part. Enjoy the show!


Jenny O'Brien, Studio Owner and Director

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