The Addams Family - October 24 - November 02, 2019

Dublin Coffman High School


Crew Members  
Stage Manager  
Chad Rozen  
Production Manager  
Maddy Farver  
Student Technical Director  
Izzy Nichols  
Assistant Stage Manager (L)  
Amita Narang  
Assistant Stage Manager (R)  
Erin Johnson  
Assistant Stage Manager  
Nathan Jeronimo  
Shop Manager  
Trey Cleveland  
Lighting Designer/Operator  
Drew Heck  
Sound Board Operator  
Alex Glaubitz  
Ari DeCanio  
Janice Huynh  
DJ Wilcox  
Fly Rail Operator  
Tommy Squier  
Props Mistress  
Parshvi Patel  
Costume/Makeup Head  
Maximos Harmer  
Prop Crew  
Ella Ansari  
Costume Crew  
Tatjyana Demas  
Costume Crew  
Audrey Gamble  
Costume Crew  
Emily Hughes  
Jack Cygan  

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