The Hut on Fowl Feet - January 27 - January 28, 2023

EHS Thespians

 Director's Note 

Welcome! We are so pleased to present to you this original work, "The Hut on Fowl Feet." It has been a joy to work with such talented students, who in addition to being fantastic actors and technicians have also shown themselves to be insightful co-creators and generous collaborators!


This production began its journey as a class project at the University of Minnesota where I was teaching a course on creative collaboration. In that course we set out to create a performance that investigated storytelling. We were asking: what are stories for, how should we understand them, what do they teach us, when do our lives become stories, and what if they don't end the way we expect. 


With this in mind, we set the play in 'the woods' because 'the woods' is at the heart of so many great stories and fairy tales; it is a place where one encounters something unknown and can emerge changed.


That is where this production picked up. We started lost in the woods, with half of a script plus a few overhead projectors and set out to see what kind of story we could make together. It was a joy to watch ideas collide and discoveies be made through our reherasals and to shape and craft this performance into our own story of the woods. What we've arrived at IS something we are proud to share tonight. Our hope is that you will be surprised and delighted, and perhaps emerge with a few intriguing questions that may lead to your own journeys through the woods to someplace new.


Thanks you and enjoy 'The Hut on Fowl Feet."


Justin Spooner

Co-Artistic Director

EHS Thespians

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