The Hut on Fowl Feet - January 27 - January 28, 2023

EHS Thespians

 Who's Who 

  • Sophia Hoffmann

    as Ensemble

    Sophia is sooo excited to be in her first high school production as a S’more Scout in The Hut on Fowl Feet! She would like to thank Mr. Spooner for giving her this opportunity and her parents for inspiring her everyday!!

  • Anna Schenk

    as Ensemble

    Anna is very excited to be a S’more Scout and Shadow Person in The Hut on Fowl Feet! She is so grateful for her wonderful cast mates, Mr. Spooner, and everyone involved with the one act.

  • Shauryaa Pathak

    as Ensemble

    Shauryaa is super excited to be S’more scout and shadow person in The Hut on Fowl Feet! She is super excited to put on a show with her amazing and creative cast members and Mr. Spooner! She is very grateful for this experience!

  • Anne Whalen

    as Ensemble

    Anne is thrilled to be a S’more scout and to work on the shadows in The Hut on Fowl Feet. She would like to thank everyone that made this happen, and hopes you enjoy the show!

  • Elizabeth Teskey

    as Ensemble

    Elizabeth is so FRIGGEN excited to continue her theater adventures as one of the S’more Scouts / Shadow People in her very first one act, The Hut on Fowl Feet. She would love to thank Mr. Spooner, her amazing cast mates, fellow shadow people, and quirky theater kids for this amazing experience!


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