Classic Mystery Game - October 07 - October 10, 2021

East Central College


Cast Members  
Tara Steffens  
Miss Scarlett  
Dora Bell  
Mr. Green  
Chad Greife-Wetenhall  
Mrs. Peacock  
Grace Sellers  
Col. Mustard  
Kody Scaggs  
Professor Plum  
Andrew Carter  
Mrs. White  
Hannah Folk  
Natalie Guehne  
Mr. Boddy/Police Chief  
Lukus Dement  
Sydney Smith  
Singing Telegram Girl  
Grace Allgaier  
The Cop  
Ayden Sherwood  
Production / Creative  
Director/Scenic and Prop design  
Bess Moynihan  
Lighting Designer  
Michael Sullivan  
Costume Designer  
Lauren Smith  
Keating .  
Sound Design  
Jarred Snider  
Stage Management  
Shania Wilson  


*This show will have one 10 minute intermission*


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