Roald Dahl's Willy Wonka - June 07 - June 09, 2018

Eastview Secondary School



 Special Thanks to:


Arkady Spivak of Talk Is Free Theatre for providing our production with an incredible Vocal Musical Director, Mel Hinch


Mel Hinch for her outstanding commitment, talent, and professionalism


Kempenfelt Community Players  and Laurie-Ann Stuart for the loan of several costume pieces and set dressing items


Mr. Michael Clipperton for keeping the tradition of delivering our Bow Choreography


Mr. Tom Gibson of Precision Sound


Aaron Grandy for his technical expertise, assistance, and positive attitude!


York University AMPD - Theatre Program

Ines Buccli, Laura Clark, Aaron Kelly, David Rayfield, Autumn Smith


Marilyn Greenman


Ms Sue Fraser for extraordinary work on costumes - above and beyond the call of duty, and for her dedication to maintaining the integrity of the vision for the show and the students' ideas!


Eastview Alumni

  Laura Brown, Kate Forrest, Ashley Frederick,

Jake Perkins, Annaleah Presa, Carisa Rensch, Joanna Vingoe


Eastview Staff 

Mr. Joe Bilton, Ms Kristen Bach, Ms Kate Bowman, Ms Katie Cain, Mr. Jeremy Chase, Mrs. Elisha Dominic, Mrs. Carey Draper, Mrs. Lynette Dunne-Lake, Mr. Kieran Fleming, Mrs. Erika Garrett, Mrs. Lorna Gillies, Mr. Ryan Gledhill, Mr. Mike Goss, Mrs. Patti Grace, Mrs. Tara Grigoriadis, Mr. Peter Harmathy, Ms. Lori Hodgson, Ms Lori Kennedy, Ms Sam Luscombe, Mr. Jim McLean, Mr. Jeremy Oxley, Mrs. Jane Robinson, Mr. Ray Scriver, Mr. Mark Severn, Mrs. Jane Seymour, Mrs. Cindy Szentes, Ms Tanya Williamson, Ms Christina Williamson


Eastview Administration

Mrs. Jane Seymour, Principal

Mrs. Marnie Rideout-Craig, Mrs. Julie Richardson, Mr. Harry Stengenga


Eastview Custodial Staff


Arts & Culture - Specialist High Skills Major IRT

Justin van Diepen


Parent/Family Volunteers 

Dee Bryan, Emily Cowan, Jason Gerrior, Marilyn Greenman, Catherine Holland, Corie Ierullo, Don Johnston, Crystal Jones, Michelle Matthews, Grayley McWatters, Leysom Revelis, Wendy Prouty, Edith Reyes, Tami Doll Reeves, Carrie Wallisch


And, finally...

to all of our family members and friends for your understanding, love and support.


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