42nd Street - March 05 - March 08, 2020

Eden High School


OVERTURE & OPENING: "We're In The Money, Dames, Lullaby of Broadway, Forty-Second Street"
Scene 1 - Stage of 42nd Street Theatre, New York
Andie Lee, Company
Young and Healthy  
Billy Lawlor, Peggy Sawyer
Shadow Waltz  
Maggie Jones, Dorothy Brock, Girls
Shadow Waltz (Reprise)  
Dorothy Brock
Scene 2 - The Gypsy Tea Kettle
Go Into Your Dance  
Maggie Jones, Peggy Sawyer, Annie, Andie Lee, Lorraine, Phyllis
Scene 3 - Stage of 42nd Street Theatre, New York
You're Getting to Be a Habit With Me  
Dorothy Brock, Billy Lawlor, Peggy Sawyer, Dance Ensemble
Scene 4 - Dorothy Brock's Dressing Room
Scene 5 - Stage of 42nd Street Theatre, New York
Getting Out of Town  
Annie, Pat Denning, Bert Barry, Maggie Jones, Dorothy Brock, Company
Scene 6 - Stage of Arch Street Theatre, Philadelphia
Billy Lawlor, Men
Scene 7 - The Regency Hotel, Philadelphia
I Only Have Eyes For You  
Dorothy Brock
I Only Have Eyes For You (Reprise)  
Billy Lawlor, Girls
Scene 8 - PRETTY LADY, Opening Night, Philadelphia
We're In the Money  
Act One Finale  
Dorothy Brock, Dancers
INTERMISSION (15 minutes)
Please visit our lobby for refreshments and our fundraising raffle. Thank you for your support!  
Bathrooms are located to your left as you exit the auditorium.
50/50 raffle will also be available through the end of the intermission.

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