Something Rotten - April 16 - April 18, 2021

Eden Middle & High School


Welcome to the Renaissance  
Minstrel, Jeremiah, Portia, Ensemble
God, I Hate Shakespeare  
Nick, Nigel, Troupe
Right Hand Man  
Bea, Nick, Nigel
God, I Hate Shakespeare (reprise)  
A Musical  
Nick, Nostradamus, Ensemble
The Black Death  
Troupe, Nick, Nigel
I Love the Way  
Portia, Nigel
Will Power  
Shakespeare, Ensemble
Bottom's Gonna Be On Top  
Nick, Nigel, Bea, Shylock, Shakespeare, Ensemble
Welcome to the Renaissance (Reprise)  
Hard to Be the Bard  
Shakespeare, Ensemble
It's Eggs  
Nick, Troupe
We See the Light  
Portia, Nigel, Jeremiah, Ensemble
Nigel's Theme  
To Thine Own Self Be True  
Nigel, Troupe
To Thine Own Self (Reprise)  
Nick, Troupe
Right Hand Man (Reprise)  
Something Rotten  
Nick, Ensemble
Make an Omelette  
Nick, Nostradamus, Shakespeare, Ensemble
To Thine Own Self (Reprise 2)  
Nick, Nigel
Welcome to America  
Nick, Nigel, Bea, Portia, Ensemble

A Word About Singing and Playing...

In this very different year, for the first time in a very long time we could not feature a live orchestra as a part of our production due to Covid-19 protocols.  While that was extremely disappointing, we’re thankful that we had access to an excellent orchestral track.  With that comes inherent challenges, including having to stick to the tempo of the track itself, limiting our actors in some cases.

In addition, all ensemble singing was recorded separately.  Only lead solos and speaking lines were recorded live on stage.  This, too, presents an enormous challenge for our ensemble actors maintaining full character and timing while not singing live. Suffice it to say, that while this is not the ideal way to produce theatre, we persevered, and I am INCREDIBLY proud of our students. BRAVO!!


...and THANK YOU to our School Board and Administration for trusting us to produce this show safely for our students this year, most notably for our 15 members of the Class of 2021.  


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