Seussical Jr. - June 17 - June 25, 2022

Empty Space Artistry


An endeavor of this sort takes a village! There are so many people working to help make this production run. Let’s take a quick minute to thank some key people:


Thank you to the amazing parents and family members of the cast and crew! With such a small cast and crew, there was so much to be done by a relatively small community. But along with facilitating pick-ups and drops-offs, and practicing at home, this community of the cast and crew families were enormously generous with their time, resources, and talents. From working backstage to decorating and facilitating lobby decorations, to cast dinners, to cast party planning to SO MUCH MORE, they have gone above and beyond at every level! We are so thankful for this amazing community of cast and crew families!


Thank you to the amazing creative team behind this production! Matt, Jessica, Richard, Mallory, Alysia, and Sean - thank you for bringing all of your skills and talents and sharing them with this production and these kids! You helped bring magic to the show and you helped nurture and pour into these students! It wouldn’t be possible without your selflessness, passion, graciousness, and brilliance!


Thank you to the Beckert and Ordaz families! Every odd job, every late night, every frantic call to find this or fix that, it never ceases to amaze me how you rally to support in unbelievable ways! Productions like these wouldn’t be possible without a family like this. Thank you Matt, Milo, Kelly, Ron, Zach, Phil, Tammy, Jessica and Aimee! You are dearly loved!


Thank you to Michele Stevens! You have been instrumental in helping to create this beautiful community! The legacy of all that you have imparted to so many over the years continues to bear fruit and so many here are the benefactors of that. Thank you!


Thank you most of all to Jesus Christ, who calls us into big things, who sustains us as we go, who teaches us, guides us, journeys with us, and is worthy of all praise!

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