Beauty and the Beast - October 01 - October 10, 2021

Encore Theatre Group


It has been a pleasure to work along side this Creative Team. 

I have many people to thank, knowing this has been an orchestration of talents! So, thanks goes to: the Encore Board of directors, for treating each of us with dignity and respect during unequivocally challenging times; the overlooked tenacity of the Encore Executive staff who have provided unyielding support for me; to Serita for her dedication and friendship; to Anthony for his mastery in communication and musical genius; to Katelyn for her perseverance and flexibility in these extended sessions; to our cast trusting me with your talents and time; to Craig for sharing your many skills; to Daniel and Jacob, who have been providing additional support and guidance; to David for your lighting design and to Noelle for your sound design, both providing skill and peace of mind;

to Matt, my favorite conductor of all time; to the South Bay orchestra, for your passions; to Kirk for your limitless energy; to Miles for assisting me through the zoom rehearsals and acting workshops; to Celina for your mastery in stunts and positive energy; Jeanine for providing the flag choreography; Mark, Victor and Lee for your patience; Aleia, Ian, Nani, Henry, Haley, for providing patience and tech support; Maya for all you do for each of us; Mara, Mighty for audio support; and Dave, Leti, Chloe for spot operating.  We couldn’t have done this without all your work. 

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