Cats - April 01 - April 09, 2017

Fayette Academy

 End Notes 

From the Director:


The Fayette Academy Performing Arts department is thrilled to present selections from the musical Cats. Based on T.S. Eliot’s book of poetry entitled Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats,  it is one of the top five longest-running shows on Broadway and the winner of seven Tony Awards. It returned to Broadway this past March and is currently showing at the Neil Simon Theater. 


What a fun ride this has been! To say I am proud of all the performers in this cast would be an understatement. This has been a huge undertaking, and it would not have been possible if everyone had not been “on board.” Considering all the skills required to put on a production of this magnitude - learning choral speaking parts, numerous songs and dance moves, and the complex choreography of singing while dancing - I have seen these students rise to the challenge. Their talent, enthusiasm, level of commitment and teamwork have been amazing. It has been a true joy to come to class and watch them learn, practice and master this show. Many students found they have talents they did not know they possessed. Some have found that, in the words of George Clooney, “The only failure is not to try.” They have also discovered whether they had one line or more, were on or off stage during a dance number or had solo or choral parts, they all share in the success of this production. 


I would like to express my deepest appreciation to Angelia Johnson. Without her, this production would not have been possible. I am so thankful for her choreography instruction and dedication to this project. I would also like to thank David Beaver for his sound and lighting expertise and  troubleshooting every problem. Special thanks go to the following individuals: Queenie Bell for finding many of our set props and for renting our backdrop; Brian Culver, Bryant Tapp, Greg Miles and Cindy Klein for help with our set decoration; Daniel Hinson for his help with the accompaniment; Dee Evans for her tireless help with our program; Missy Ferge and her crew for donating their time and assisting with the lighting; our sponsors for their financial assistance; the many parents who have volunteered their time and help; and the faculty and staff of Fayette Academy. The production of this show is truly a group effort. 


angelia & beckyAngelia Johnson (choreographer) and Becky Houston (director)

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