A Christmas Carol - November 30 - December 09, 2023

Ferris High School Performing Arts

  Who's Who  

  • Canaan Barbery head shot

    Canaan Barbery

    as Scrooge

    Canaan Barbery has been an active member in Ferris theatre, and now this is his 5th leading role of his career. Canaan’s acting has been celebrated and recognized on both a local and national level. When he is not working on theater projects, he is performing with Thesperados improv team, assisting the newly formed Saxon Bards, or working as a voice actor & trivia host.

  • Josh Addams head shot

    Josh Addams

    as Mr. Smythe/Ensemble

    Josh Addams strives to live by the motto inscribed on the heel of the bricklayer statue at Riverfront Park. He dares you to go check for yourself. He enjoys night hikes and bonsai trees and doing scary things like being in musicals.

  • Maija Angell head shot

    Maija Angell

    as Ghost/Ensemble

    Two words. Maija. Angell. This hit star is bound to shine when she enters the room. Two more words. Senior. And super cool

  • Tallan Avery head shot

    Tallan Avery

    as Fred Anderson/Ensemble

    Tallan is a Junior at Ferris High School. Although he hasn’t had any formal dancing or singing training, he is excited to do both! Tallan loves watching TV, buying clothes that he’ll never wear, and complaining about his AP classes.

  • Denny Bates head shot

    Denny Bates

    as Scrooge at 8

    Denny is a 3rd grader at Bryant TEC. He loves all things weather, plays the piano and is learning guitar. This is his first performance on stage.

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